12 Critical Things In Life You Should Never Tolerate [Infographic]

What do you tolerate in life? What is it that happens — mistakes, people, arguments — that you just say, “Let it Be!” Sure there are some things that you just HAVE to tolerate — in-laws (to a point), traffic, the weather, taxes and Uncle Sam. However, there are certain things in life that you should never tolerate.

This Infographic lists the 12 Critical Things In Life You Should Never Tolerate:

12 Critical Things in Life You Should Never Tolerate - infographic

This infographic is based on an article from Pick the Brain.

  1. Unhappiness at Work – talk to your boss or find another job.
  2. A Long Commute – seriously, commuting for more than 30 minutes is a waste of time. Think about all you could be doing! Plus, traffic, especially in Phoenix, during rush hour, is horrible. Move closer to job. If you have a new job and you’ve been there at least 3 months, then you’re permanent. Look for something closer.
  3. An Unhealthy Lifestyle – eating junk food may temporarily soothe your stress, but it’s adding stress to your body.
  4. Draining Relationships – eliminate toxic relationships (in-laws may fall into this category).
  5. A Disordered Living Space – declutter and get organized!
  6. Negativity – Think Positive! Follow our group Motivational Quotes Board on Pinterest.
  7. Too Much Stuff – kind of goes with #5 – declutter!
  8. Financial Problems – we all have them at one time or another. Get help.
  9. Living Our of Your Integrity – have you ever left a job because they wanted to you to do something that you thought was morally wrong?
  10. Living without Fun – You have to have some fun every so often. “All work and no play….”
  11. Accepting Ignorance and Inertia – don’t be afraid of taking a risk or doing hard work. You’ll miss the feeling of accomplishment.
  12. Lack of Communication – it takes two to communicate (at least). Take the first step.

And when you find those things that you have no control over, those things you have no choice but to tolerate, come to the Rage Room and let go of your frustrations in a safe place.

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