13 Revealing Signs that You are Overthinking Things

If you suffer from insomnia, you may be an overthinker. Overthinking things is a common characteristic of perfectionists. You can’t turn your brain off – even at night. You’re trying to write an email or an article and you’re constantly redoing it. You want it to be perfect. But perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

Here are 14 Telltale Signs that You are Overthinking Things. Infographic by Sharon Martin, LCSWPsychcentral.

14 Revealing Signs that You are Overthinking Things

You are an overthinker if you…

  1. Second guess everything.
  2. Can’t help analyzing things to death.
  3. Always expect the worst.
  4. Suffer from insomnia often.
  5. Hate making decisions.
  6. Would rather someone else do the deciding for you.
  7. Have regrets.
  8. Can’t let things go.
  9. Take everything personally.
  10. Are a perfectionist.
  11. Are often critical of yourself – not quite sure of yourself.
  12. Feel tense, constantly under stress.
  13. Can’t turn your brain off.

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