42 Ways to Cool Down Your Anger [Infographic]

Everybody gets angry. Whether it’s the coffee maker that doesn’t want to work in the morning, to the traffic jam on the way to work, to the computer crashes and whatever other device or technology that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. But it’s the way you handle or manage your anger that makes the difference. 

In this infographic from Simply Stepping, they list 42 ways to help you cool down your anger. And we’ve added a 43rd at the end! 

They broke it down to 3 stages of anger:

  • When you’re arguing with someone
  • When you’re on edge
  • When you’re fed up

42 Ways to Cool Down Your Anger

And here’s our #43: Go to a Rage Room. It’s a safe place to lose control. It’s where you go when punching the pillow isn’t cutting it. We’ll be open in Tempe, AZ very soon. Get on our list for a special invite! 

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