Anger and Depression: What You Need to Know

It is estimated that over 16 million people in the U.S. suffer from depression.

In many instances, depression is an anger turned inward upon oneself. I have suffered from different levels of depression throughout my life. Often it originates with anger focused unknowingly at myself in a subconscious manner. I find again and again that when I feel depressed, anger is one of the last things I recognize as a major contributor.

Growing up I learned that anger was not an acceptable feeling to have and certainly not to express it towards authority figures including parents without having them quickly extinguished. Thus I kept it away like a stranger who is not to be named or trusted. I thought my depression and anxiety was due solely to sadness or a fear. Now I understand that anger is a normal emotion that left unattended and unexpressed slowly but surely beats me down. It’s a negative energy that has to go somewhere. Where will it go? Do I unwittingly focus it at others creating internal or external havoc causing disease of body and spirit?

Anger and depressionNow I know there is a choice to deal with it in a healthier way. I have no desire to turn my anger on other people, pets or myself. It cannot be overstated how much unresolved anger fosters remarkable acts of violence on our planet. I’m hard pressed to find an example of terror not fueled by intense anger and rage by people who have no clue how to exorcise it.

There are healthy ways to expel this negative energy. I’ve found exercise, yoga, meditation and journaling for example. Although awkward at first, rolling up the windows in the car and yelling and screaming helps. Screaming into a pillow works as well. However, I wouldn’t recommend screaming into a pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond. That was embarrassing.

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Today there is an unconventional and healthy way to let off steam. Rage Rooms are popping up all over the world. Is there anyone who hasn’t wanted to break a dish or throw a glass against the wall as an immediate outlet? What if there was a safe place to do just that and then some?

If you’re like me, technology is a huge source of frustration. That’s why in addition to breaking glass, plates and lamps, I can take a bat, golf club or crow bar and energetically demolish a printer, computer keyboard or TV with permission and acceptable abandon. Afterwards, there is a healthy exhaustion followed by a lightness created by spewing this fervor upon inanimate objects.

That’s where “Simply Smashing” comes in. The Phoenix Valley’s first Rage Room! Opening November 2017 in Tempe.

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