Are You a Perfectionist? How to know if you are…

Are you a perfectionist?

Here are 11 Telltale Signs that You are a Perfectionist.

  1. Are You a Perfectionist? How to know if you are...There is no room for mistakes in your world.
  2. You have a very specific manner in which things should be done.
  3. An all-or-nothing approach.
  4. It’s all about the end result.
  5. You’re extremely hard on yourself, even for small things.
  6. You become depressed when you don’t reach your goals.
  7. You have extremely high standards.
  8. Success is never enough.
  9. You procrastinate just to do things at the right moment.
  10. You constantly spot mistakes where others don’t see any.
  11. You often spend a lot of time just to perfect something.

Are You a Perfectionist? How to know if you are...

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What’s worse — being a perfectionist or working for one?

Either way, being a perfectionist or striving for perfection can cause stress and stress isn’t good for anyone. That’s when you need to go to a Rage Room and break stuff. No need for perfection here. We’ll clean up the mess for you!

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