What Makes You Anxious?

What makes you anxious? In today’s fast paced world, we have more sources of stress than ever. Between work, social life, education, finances, security, and daily challenges, it is more difficult than ever to balance these things properly. So, do you think you are alone in feeling anxious? According to the following article, that couldn’t be further from the truth….

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Unchecked Staff Stress

Unchecked Staff Stress and the Bottom Line

Unchecked Staff Stress and the Bottom Line Unchecked Staff Stress in the workplace can drain the energy out of the office, greatly reduce productivity and increase illness and absenteeism.  Stress Symptoms in the Workplace Include: waning energy fatigue burnout job resentment cynicism Negativity Do we accept this as the typical cycle of work life? As the leader of your team, what…

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Coaching Leading Manager

Tips on how a Manager can Build a Stronger Team (Infographic)

How to Create a Stronger and More Productive Team Team Building is an important, integral skill for any manager or leader in today’s professional space. Having a work environment that is team oriented will result in more productive employees, better project results, and happier team mates.  Teams aren’t formed by dictatorial leaders, they are formed as the product of coaching….

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Feeling Angry and Frustrated

Are You Tired of Feeling Angry, Resentful and Fearful?

It’s a fact, most of us feel anger, resentment and fear on a daily basis. There are healthy ways to lessen their harmful effect on us and the people we encounter (pets too). It should be noted that I am not a therapist; only someone who has experienced it along with the following exercises. First of all don’t beat yourself…

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How to Deal with Technology When it Doesn't Work Right

Does Your Office Technology Frustrate You? [Infographic]

Today’s daily life stress and frustrations can come from many places, both at home and at work. One common cause of frustrations is Technology, and the stress it causes can really derail your day. Small frustrations can be ignored, but frequent Technology frustrations can add up over time and cause you more stress than you know… This Infographic from Asurion.com…

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Anger Management for the Modern World

How You can Smash away Anger and Frustrations in a Rage Room

What happens after someone smashes away anger and frustrations in a Rage Room? “That’s Amazing!” “That was Awesome!” These are the exclamations expressed by over 95% of the people who exit the rage room after a 25 minute session of breaking stuff. At Simply Smashing, “a Rage Release Room” we offer recreational and therapeutic destruction of inanimate objects. Two-thirds come…

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team building activities Simply Smashing Rage Room Tempe

What Are the Benefits of Team Building Activities? [Infographic]

Managing a team of varied personalities in an office environment is sometimes like herding cats. As a business owner or manager, getting everyone to follow one gameplan or even play in the same ballpark is a challenge. Team building exercises are touted to help in a variety of ways: Improves morale and leadership skills Breaks down barriers and boundaries both…

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How to Deal with a Breakup or Divorce: Have a Party!

Divorce and legal marital separations are two of the most stressful times in a person’s life. A breakup, may not have the legal the ramifications that a broken marriage does, but, nonetheless it’s stressful. “The stress associated with these events have a significant impact on health. The disease rate for chronic diseases such as cancer, coronary disease, and diabetes, increases…

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How to Take a 10-minute Break to Relax Your Mind

We depend on our mind to be focused to function in our daily lives, yet we ignore it. We get stressed. In this Ted Talk, mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe tells how just 10-minutes a day of relaxing your mind and thinking about nothing can help you become better focused and productive. You know, the mind whizzes away like a washing machine…

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How To Increase the Serotonin In Your Brain

How To Increase the Serotonin In Your Brain [Infographic]

In our last blog post you learned that cortisol the hormone that you don’t want. It’s known as the stress hormone and we want to decrease it. Serotonin, however, is the good hormone that you want in your brain. Serotonin reduces stress. Thus, you want to increase serotonin in your brains. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that influences everything from your appetite…

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