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Tips on how a Manager can Build a Stronger Team (Infographic)

How to Create a Stronger and More Productive Team

Team Building is an important, integral skill for any manager or leader in today’s professional space. Having a work environment that is team oriented will result in more productive employees, better project results, and happier team mates. 

Teams aren’t formed by dictatorial leaders, they are formed as the product of coaching. Coaches are leaders who involve their team, both in problem solving and workflow optimization. As it turns out, employees respond to questions and involvement much better than they respond to commands. 

A manager acting as a coach will: 

  • Ask their team questions, rather than issue demands. 
  • Involve their employees in trouble shooting, problem solving, and workplace solutions. 
  • Take interest in their employees and show that they care. 
  • Take the time to pay attention to each individual member of the team. 

This info graphic from showcases these principals with detailed information and great examples! 


These 11 simple changes can drastically improve workplace performance and employee morale, leading to more productivity and better results in the workplace. This is how to create a stronger and more productive team. If you want to be this kind of leader, following these few tips will help you to be a better leader and more efficient manager. 

Are you looking for more unique ways to strengthen your team through team building?

Here at Simply Smashing, A Rage Release Room we provide just that with our team building events! Let your team break glass, ceramics or a printer with a bat while listening to their favorite music. Bond over an unforgettable experience and release some stress with your team in an outing they’ll be talking about for weeks! 



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Why Knock Yourself Down When You Can Positive Self-Talk?

Positive Self-Talk: we’re told to do it. However, in this case, it’s easier thought than done!

This works for adults as well as kids. There are many situations in life when you’re angry at yourself for doing something stupid, saying something or making a mistake when you should have known better. We’re human. We err.

Many people take it out on themselves. (It also doesn’t help when others blame you for things beyond your control.) It happens. Hey, life happens.

We need to learn from our mistakes. Instead of trying to be something you’re not or like someone you admire, find out what they do and how they do it, then try it yourself.

The right side of this infographic has the Positive Self-Talk phrases you should be saying to yourself…

Why Knock Yourself Down When You Can Positive Self-Talk?

If you’re mad at yourself for doing something stupid, don’t take it out on you, take it out on a printer, old computer, TV, dishes…

Go break something — and we’ll clean it up!

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