The Latest Craze: Can a Fidget Spinner Help You with Stress?

It’s the latest craze – the Fidget Spinner! Have they been spreading around your office? How about your school? Moreover, some schools are actually banning them! They’re seen as a distraction. However, they may be just the thing for someone with ADHD or autism.

Is it a toy or a tool?

First we need to define fidgeting…..

fidget |ˈfijit|
verb (fidgets, fidgeting, fidgeted)
make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness or impatience.

Are you a fidgeter? Maybe you need a fidget spinner. Check out these videos. The first one is from the folks at BuzzFeed. The second one, which is longer, from the PBS Idea Channel, goes into more detail on the science behind the fidget spinner.

So, it seems like fidgeting is seen as a…

release valve for built up irritations.


a release of excess energy. 

If a fidget spinner doesn’t help or if you get tired of playing with it, we can definitely assist with a place to release built-up irritations and excess energy! 

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