What are the Origins of the Greek Tradition of Smashing Plates?

It’s a classic scene at a Greek Restaurant or Wedding — smashing plates.

How did the tradition of smashing plates get started?

In ancient and medieval times, it may stem from a practice of ritually “killing” the ceramic vessels used for feasts commemorating the dead.1

It also may have been a way for the wealthy to show off by breaking dishes in the fireplace instead of washing and reusing them.

Breaking plates can also be a symbol of anger, and the sound of shattering crockery is a classic part of domestic disturbances.1 The shattering noise was said to drive away evil spirits or unwanted guests.

Smashing plates in modern culture

When visiting Greece, a tourist might expect to see plate smashing at a restaurant or night club. Unfortunately, due to the cost of replacing the plates, the custom is banned. However, it does happen occasionally, especially at weddings. In those cases, the plates smashed are ceramic, which are less expensive and the party has to buy then in advance!2

Here’s a video of a Greek Wedding Smashing Plates Dance

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Top photo: screen shot from wedding video.

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