How to Overcome Being a Perfectionist [Infographic]

In our previous post we listed a few telltale signs that you are a perfectionist. Once you admit that you are one, you need overcome the urges to be perfect otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy.

Below is another infographic from with 8 ways to overcome being a perfectionist. And, of course, we’ve added the 9th!

  1. Commit to your goals, but don’t let failures define you.
  2. Allow yourself to do things incompletely and imperfectly. OK should be good enough.
  3. Don’t focus on unimportant information and requisites.
  4. Respect and love yourself.
  5. Your ideals should be guides not absolutes.
  6. Find time for your relationships.
  7. Every step is a job well done!
  8. Delegate and let go. You don’t have to do everything yourself!
  9. Come to the Rage Room and let go of your frustrations! We’ll clean up after you! 

How to Overcome Being a Perfectionist

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