Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster? What you need to do to prep…

After watching Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit Texas and Florida,, you can’t help but stop and think, “I am prepared in the event of a natural or manmade disaster?”

I’m not a “prepper” or a “survivalist”, however, I have lived through 6 hurricanes in my lifetime, the worst one being Andrew in Miami. Even if you home fares well, be prepared to live for a few days without power. I was 2 weeks without electricity after Andrews. My one lesson was not to wait for 4 hours at a grocery store for ice that melts in 2. Way not worth it!

Some of the basics that you need to be prepared are…

  • a radio
  • flashlight
  • batteries
  • canned or packaged, nonperishable food (don’t forget the can opener!)
  • small BBQ or camp stove
  • a full tank of gas in your car

Having at least these items will keep you sane, reduce stress and anxiety.

In this infographic from has a complete list to be prepared…

Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster? What you need to do to prep

The best advice I can give in whatever situation you find yourself in is:

Be wise and be safe. 

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By Giselle Aguiar, entrepreneur and hurricane survivor and currently lives in Phoenix, AZ (no hurricanes).

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