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Tips on how a Manager can Build a Stronger Team (Infographic)

How to Create a Stronger and More Productive Team

Team Building is an important, integral skill for any manager or leader in today’s professional space. Having a work environment that is team oriented will result in more productive employees, better project results, and happier team mates. 

Teams aren’t formed by dictatorial leaders, they are formed as the product of coaching. Coaches are leaders who involve their team, both in problem solving and workflow optimization. As it turns out, employees respond to questions and involvement much better than they respond to commands. 

A manager acting as a coach will: 

  • Ask their team questions, rather than issue demands. 
  • Involve their employees in trouble shooting, problem solving, and workplace solutions. 
  • Take interest in their employees and show that they care. 
  • Take the time to pay attention to each individual member of the team. 

This info graphic from showcases these principals with detailed information and great examples! 


These 11 simple changes can drastically improve workplace performance and employee morale, leading to more productivity and better results in the workplace. This is how to create a stronger and more productive team. If you want to be this kind of leader, following these few tips will help you to be a better leader and more efficient manager. 

Are you looking for more unique ways to strengthen your team through team building?

Here at Simply Smashing, A Rage Release Room we provide just that with our team building events! Let your team break glass, ceramics or a printer with a bat while listening to their favorite music. Bond over an unforgettable experience and release some stress with your team in an outing they’ll be talking about for weeks! 



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2 Reasons Companies Fail and How to Avoid Them

Why do companies fail? 2 Reasons:

They only do more of the same or they only do what’s new.

In this Ted Talk video, Knut Haanaes explains why companies fail and how to avoid it. 

The key is finding a balance between exploration and exploitation.

  1. Get ahead of the crisis
  2. Think in multiple time scales
  3. Invite challenge
  4. Be skeptical of success

Stress can be a huge factor when running a business no matter what size the company is.

Sometimes you can do something about it, and sometimes you can’t. Either way, you need an outlet for the stress. Otherwise, you’re going to get sick.

We’ve got the safe place for you to lose control! Simply Smashing Rage Room is just that: a room where you can go and break stuff to release tensions, anxieties, stress and frustrations.

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How Stressed Are You? Take a Stress Test Here…

Are you stressed? Maybe you don’t want to admit it.

How Stressed Out are You? Take this simple stress test then come see us…

Are you getting enough sleep? Not if you're stressed!In general, how are you sleeping?

  1. I don’t sleep well.
  2. I’m sleeping OK.
  3. I sleep very well – getting 6-8 hours a night, waking up refreshed.

How do you feel in the morning?

  1. Definitely not refreshed – still tired.
  2. I feel OK.
  3. Energized

If you're stressed out, don't go for the sugar!Do you ever have food cravings?

  1. Yes, and I usually give in to junk foods.
  2. Sometimes, but I try to avoid temptation.
  3. Rarely, I eat healthy.

Does your gut ever act up?

  1. Often.
  2. I sometimes have digestive issues.
  3. Rarely.

Has your weight fluctuated? If you're stressed, you will gain weight.

  1. I’m gaining weight especially in the belly area.
  2. My weight is steady, though overweight. I could lose a few pounds.
  3. I’m progressively working toward or am at a healthy weight.

Do you get sick often?

  1. Yes, all the time!
  2. Once in a while.
  3. Hardly ever.

Do you have backaches or headaches?

  1. Often.
  2. Occasionally.
  3. Rarely.

Do you ever feel anxious?

  1. Often.
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Rarely – I am content with life.

Describe your general mood:

  1. Mostly sad and blue.
  2. I’m OK.
  3. Happy.

How’s your love life?

  1. What love life?
  2. Could use improvement.
  3. Great!

Each answer is worth its designated number. Add them up and see where your stress level is:

  • 26-30: You’re doing great with low levels of stress!
  • 20-25: You’re managing your stress OK, however, you could use some relief.
  • 10-19: You need a rage room. You’ve got too much stress in your life and you absolutely need to get rid of some of it.

Luckily if you scored under 26, you can soon come to the new Simply Smashing Rage Room opening soon in Tempe!

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What are the Most Stressful Jobs in America?

Are you in one of these most stressful jobs? If so, the amount of stress that you go through is staggering to say the least.

There are 3 main stressors for a profession to qualify as a highly stressful job:

  • Work environment
  • Competition
  • Risk

This infographic from CareerCast lists the top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in America:

#10 being the most stressful.

  1. Real Estate Agent: Too much competition and if you don’t sell, you don’t eat.
  2. Advertising Executive: Having to please clients and you’re expected to produce results and come up with new and creative ideas.
  3. Public Relations Officer: Nothing like having to deal with a PR crisis especially now with the speed of social media viral postings.
  4. Highway Patrol Officer: A first responder and a high-risk profession.
  5. Commercial Pilot: You have the lives of all your passengers in your hands.
  6. Police Officer: Another first responder who never knows what they’ll encounter in a situation.
  7. Surgeon: You literally have a patient’s life in your hands.
  8. Taxi Driver: You never know who’ll you pick up and if you don’t get fares, you don’t eat.
  9. Corporate Executive: Like the ad exec, you’re expected to produce results as well manage employees.
  10. Fire Fighter: You’re running into a crisis when normal people would flee.

What are the Most Stressful Jobs in America?

If you work in one of these stressful jobs, you need a Rage Room where you can lose control in a safe environment.  

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