How Stressed Are You? Take a Stress Test Here…

Are you stressed? Maybe you don’t want to admit it.

How Stressed Out are You? Take this simple stress test then come see us…

Are you getting enough sleep? Not if you're stressed!In general, how are you sleeping?

  1. I don’t sleep well.
  2. I’m sleeping OK.
  3. I sleep very well – getting 6-8 hours a night, waking up refreshed.

How do you feel in the morning?

  1. Definitely not refreshed – still tired.
  2. I feel OK.
  3. Energized

If you're stressed out, don't go for the sugar!Do you ever have food cravings?

  1. Yes, and I usually give in to junk foods.
  2. Sometimes, but I try to avoid temptation.
  3. Rarely, I eat healthy.

Does your gut ever act up?

  1. Often.
  2. I sometimes have digestive issues.
  3. Rarely.

Has your weight fluctuated? If you're stressed, you will gain weight.

  1. I’m gaining weight especially in the belly area.
  2. My weight is steady, though overweight. I could lose a few pounds.
  3. I’m progressively working toward or am at a healthy weight.

Do you get sick often?

  1. Yes, all the time!
  2. Once in a while.
  3. Hardly ever.

Do you have backaches or headaches?

  1. Often.
  2. Occasionally.
  3. Rarely.

Do you ever feel anxious?

  1. Often.
  2. Sometimes.
  3. Rarely – I am content with life.

Describe your general mood:

  1. Mostly sad and blue.
  2. I’m OK.
  3. Happy.

How’s your love life?

  1. What love life?
  2. Could use improvement.
  3. Great!

Each answer is worth its designated number. Add them up and see where your stress level is:

  • 26-30: You’re doing great with low levels of stress!
  • 20-25: You’re managing your stress OK, however, you could use some relief.
  • 10-19: You need a rage room. You’ve got too much stress in your life and you absolutely need to get rid of some of it.

Luckily if you scored under 26, you can soon come to the new Simply Smashing Rage Room opening soon in Tempe!

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