The Coronavirus pandemic has created a very trying, confusing, and frightening state of affairs for all of us. Simply Smashing, a Rage Release Room is currently open. Many of our local exercise, therapeutic, and recreational activities are not available at the moment. We are offering a 3-in-1 activity designed to alleviate your stress, expel the negative energy through physical activity, and provide a venue for laughter.

    1. We are a small space, limiting the numbers of people at one time.
    2. We are making sure that the protective visors are disinfected between uses.
    3. We still offer coveralls but, instead we are highly recommending you wear your own long sleeves and long pants.
    4. We have gloves however you can bring in your own or opt out of the gloves all together.

As this ever-changing situation continues, we will continue to monitor and provide updates as they become available. If we can help you alleviate your stress and from “going stir crazy” during this time, we are here for you for as long as it is prudent to do so.

Stay posted for any change in hours or a  temporary closing


Stephen Wilk
Simply Smashing

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